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Welcome to a gateway to the common good. It is based on the efforts of real people who are helping and healing the world. Your participation is invited!

If you've visited before, then you know this portal was conceived independently of any philosophy, tradition or school of thought. The intention is to provide a space for sharing online resources while increasing awareness of what is being done for the betterment of communities, society, culture and the Earth.

You're invited to explore the links library and, additionally, to suggest your own favorites. New connections are wanted to individuals as well as groups, whether nonprofit or for-profit. My only expectations are that their efforts be environmentally and socially responsible. I especially like to include links connecting to small and lesser-known grassroots groups whose websites offer informative and inspiring depictions of their work. Please feel free to submit a site. Make yourself at home — you've arrived at an enlightened corner of cyberspace among like-minded people with a caring, compassionate outlook. This invitation is extended to men and women of goodwill everywhere across the globe.

The current number of active links is 518 — and each of these has been formed through genuine person-to-person linkages. Here is a thought, given the vastness of cyberspace: if, thanks to fate, destiny, Karma, or a seemingly ordinary Google search, you've arrived here and are taking the time to read these words, there may be a reason. Please send a link suggestion today!

Steven Williams   Blessings,

Steven Williams

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